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There is also increasingly abundant evidence for winemaking in Sumer and Egypt in the 3rd millennium BC.There are many etiological myths told about the first cultivation of the grapevine and fermentation of wine.

The calculated half-life being so large (∼10 years), few counts per year are expected which implies that all the background components have to be reduced by few orders of magnitude.

vinifera) would have become easier following the development of pottery during the later Neolithic, c. "It's the oldest proven case of documented and dedicated wine production, stretching back the horizons of this important development by thousands of years," said Gregory Areshian, co-director of the excavation and assistant director of the University of California Los Angeles's Cotsen Institute of Archaeology.

The fame of Persian wine has been well known in Ancient times.

The carvings on the Audience Hall, known as Apadana Palace, in Persepolis, demonstrate soldiers of subjected nations by the Persian Empire bringing gifts to the Persian king.

Domesticated grapes were abundant in the Near East from the beginning of the early Bronze Age, starting in 3200 BC.

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