Testing and validating the trait emotional intelligence questionnaire

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Most trait-based measures are designed to measure a large constellation of traits.For example, the 133 questions of the EQ-I 2.0 measures 15 different traits from Self-Regard, to Assertiveness to Stress Tolerance and Optimism.

Unlike a competency measure, an individual’s self-assessment may be more accurate than assessments from others.Because trait measures aren’t tapping competency, self-assessed trait measures aren’t as prone to under or over rating by the test taker (unless of course that test taker is motivated to deliberately portray an unauthentic view of herself, which is why this approach shouldn’t be used in external hires or recruitment).Most people are quite good at portraying their inner worlds with well worded trait-based questions (which the EQ-I 2.0 and TEIQue certainly have) and this is why trait-emotional intelligence assessments get good ratings in research comparing emotional intelligence instruments (like the aforementioned Boyle study).For example: The Trait/Mixed measure approach is perhaps best suited to the determination of underlying causes of problematic behavior or social and emotional functioning.This is due to the fact that these measures really tap internal views of oneself, or to quote Petrides (the author of the TEIQue), “Trait EI essentially concerns our perceptions of our inner world.

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