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Having carefully studied most of these fossil specimens, Owen recognized that all of these bones represented a group of large reptiles that were unlike any living varieties.In a report to the British Association for the Advancement of Science in 1841, he described these animals, and the word Dinosauria was first published in the association’s proceedings in 1842.In 1834 a partial skeleton was found near Brighton that corresponded with Mantell’s fragments from Tilgate Forest.It became known as the , which he named from an incomplete skeleton composed of very large bones.The discovery of these multiple remains gave the first hint that at least some dinosaurs may have traveled in groups and showed clearly that some dinosaurs were bipedal (walking on two legs). Unfortunately, some names given by Leidy are no longer used, because they were based on such fragmentary and undiagnostic material.

By the 1850s it had become evident that the reptile fauna of the Mesozoic Era was far more diverse and complex than it is today. Because he observed that these animals had legs similar to birds as well as other birdlike features, he established a new order called Ornithoscelida. Dinosauria was the first and included the iguanodonts, the large H. Seeley, who noticed that all dinosaurs possessed one of two distinctive pelvic designs, one like that of birds and the other like that of reptiles.In any case, people could not have been expected to understand what dinosaurs were even if they found their remains.For example, some classical scholars now conclude that the Greco-Roman legends of griffins from the 7th century were inspired by discoveries of protoceratopsian dinosaurs in the Altai region of Mongolia.This uncertainty persisted for a century thereafter, but it is now understood that the two groups share unique features that indeed make the Dinosauria a natural group.were accidentally uncovered in a coal mine during the course of mining operations.

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