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As part of the ABS' transformation program, Pega 7 is being implemented as a CRM and work allocation solution.The RFT explains Confirmit Horizons integrates with Pega to provide online forms used to gather survey responses."As these services are currently provided through multiple vendor solutions, the ABS now seeks to simplify, unify, and modernise its communications, contact centre, and telephony stack," the agency explains.No one has to know what you're doing apart from you and whoever you're getting jiggy with.There isn't anything worse then a bad connection and someone's face freezing mid jizz...

The ABS currently uses CUCM to provide all telephony services and Skype for Business provides Instant Messaging and Presence; desktop video conferencing is also through Skype to Skype meetings and Polycom integration to virtual meeting rooms; while IPFX Unified Contact Centre is employed to manage internal support processes and facilitate engagement with businesses and citizens.However we all have our needs goddammit and if done correctly, after a few goes you'll be up there with the best of them.There's no point trying to have virtual sex if you're going to be a little bitch about it. Put something sexy on if that makes you feel better.ATO called out for not tracking costs in digital transformation program The costs and savings associated with the program undertaken to make the ATO more 'contemporary and innovative' have not been tracked, a report from the Audit Office has found.Video: Four steps to successful digital transformation (Tech Republic) Joshua-Michéle Ross, Principal at SYPartners, explains the essential steps every company must take on the path to digital transformation.

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