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isn't what I'd typically describe as a "sexy" show. In the show, as in real life, Armstrong-Jones ends up marrying Princess Margaret, but not before giving viewers a sex scene that would almost certainly make the real-life Queen Elizabeth blush.

That is, until Antony Armstrong-Jones and his dancer girlfriend Jacqui Chan (played in the series by Alice Hewkin) enter the storyline.

Eventually though, Armstrong-Jones and Chan's love fizzled out.

According to de Courcy, Armstrong-Jones started to treat Chan differently in 1959, disappearing without explanation.

Leung also that the freedom of religious belief is guaranteed under Basic Law Article 141.

Leung said teaching institutions have approached her for assistance, as there are parents who have challenged their “long-standing beliefs” in areas of moral education in schools and the hiring of teachers.

She writes, "there was a flaming row, and Jacqui, who was in any case about to go on tour in Europe in a show called , went off for good."While the show implies that Armstrong-Jones and Chan were still very much a couple in the early days of his relationship with Princess Margaret, de Courcy suggests they may have altered the timeline a bit.

However, some males do not change color at the same time they change sex, becoming female-mimic males (termed initial phase males).Asked by Chan whether the guidelines can be withdrawn altogether, Undersecretary for Education Choi Yuk-lin said they were merely a “historical document” and will not be deleted.Choi said that the curriculum has since been reformed and the emphasis is now on cross-curriculum programmes in civic education – under which sex education is taught."I do not owe my career to all that sort of publicity," she said."The suggestion that I had never been offered a job until all this business is what makes me so mad.

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