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The group urges that people “take extra caution when deciding whether and when to communicate using Whats App”, until such changes are made.

The group also recommends that people use Signal if they want to keep messages more secure.

That technology makes sure that messages can only be read by the person sending and receiving it, and has got Whats App into problems in the past – the app was shut down in Brazil because authorities wanted to be able to read the conversations being had on it.

But it has come into criticism from other technology groups, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

At most companies, designers work separately from the privacy team.

If the person a user is talking to is using the backup feature, then the messages will be stored without encryption anyway.That would see it give up information – though not the contents of chats – to its parent company, which would then use those to better target ads.And the EFF also pointed to a range of other problems with the privacy tools on Whats App, despite Amnesty’s encouragement.The EFF also took issue with the way that Whats App integrates encryption into its user experience, and the fact that the web app that can be used to send messages from a computer could also be vulnerable to attack.The group did praise the fact that Whats App makes use of the Signal protocol – a very well-regarded encryption standard that keeps messages secure.

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