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Admittedly, this senior dating scene can create some awkward drama in the dining hall or when public displays of affection get uncomfortable for bystanders, not to mention the interesting dynamics as caregivers try to keep track of who is with whom.It is human nature to crave companionship, no matter our age, yet AARP data shows that 45 percent of Americans over the age of 65 are divorced, separated or widowed.Some older seniors have been either widows or divorcees for several decades and thus welcome the company of a partner, whether the relationship is sexual or platonic.Plus, study after study shows that human interaction has many benefits for seniors (whereas loneliness is detrimental to seniors, both mentally and physically), so community staff are often happy to facilitate these love connections.But relationships between retirement community residents also can raise logistical and legal issues for their families, caregivers, and the facility where they live.Some communities seem to be in denial about the canoodling going on between residents; only a few have stated “sexual expression” policies, which are intended to accommodate intimacy among residents who want it and protect vulnerable residents (such as those suffering from dementia who cannot consent) from unwanted advances.As Kristen Badal, director of international operations at Grouper, puts it: ‘We use online technology to bring our members offline and take conversations to where we think they belong – face to face in the real world.’ How does it work? Grouper’s founder met his girlfriend of 18 months on an organsied night out and there have been a couple of engagements. It could get competitive if you all fancy the same bloke. The idea of a group activity like bowling does sound suspiciously like a work team-bonding day. You might have different agendas; you’re looking for some new pals and the other group are after, erm, something else. Both have plans to expand to other UK cities soon but at the moment Smeeters and Grouper are just in London. As we all know sometimes profile pictures may not exactly reflect the reality…

Indeed, a 2010 study out of Indiana University on sexual health found the lowest rates of condom use were among people ages 45 and older. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, rates of STDs among older people (including syphilis, chlamydia, genital herpes, and even AIDS) are skyrocketing.Seniors and their families also must carefully consider financial matters if they are thinking about a late-in-life marriage, especially if an earlier divorce may have already split their retirement assets and income.But often couples who connect later in life do not feel the same pressure to make their relationship “legal,” and it is now more and more common for unwed residents to move in together in senior living facilities.Mainstream online dating sites like e Harmony and make it easier than ever for single seniors to find a mate.There are even dating sites that have been created to cater exclusively to seniors including, which recently partnered with AARP, and Our Time.

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