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USA - No, just because you got some “extras” at one of the places on this list doesn’t mean it’s legal there.

The US of A makes this list -- much like we make the list of world's largest meth producers -- thanks to some rural counties in Nevada.

At, the women who did sex work could communicate with each other, and as a result, a system of references developed.

When a potential new client sought an appointment, that client had to provide some bona fides, usually favorable comments from another woman he had visited. For the clients, the ratings system meant the risk of a bad experience was reduced.

I paid 5 for my visit with Juliette, and I was impressed. We were actually in flagrante delecto at her humble abode when a 5.0 earthquake hit. I even signed up for a local dating service that set me up on a couple of dates, but they never turned into second dates.

The picture on the site was the same woman I met, and the experience was better than any I’d had. The personal ads would get some interest and some talk, but Silicon Valley is a women’s market -- men have to work hard to stand out.

The late '90s were a bad time to find quality sex workers. There were also back pages of local weekly newspapers like the San Francisco Metro, where I’d squint at small panel ads and take some guesses before trying the number.

Santa Clara County was known for having the highest ratio of single men to single women in the country.I picked up to hear the voice of a woman who sounded a lot like her -- but turned out to be my sister calling from a pay phone. Fortunately I figured this out before I busted myself, but it was a very awkward start to a conversation. Even if I made arrangements, there was no guarantee of action. They went into appointments blindly, always unsure who was on the other end of the line. The first site I used was, back in 1998, when I came across an ad for a woman who struck my fancy.I can’t recall the number of times I went on wild goose chases; I’d go to a service station and call from a phone booth, and get no answer, trying again a few times before giving up and going home. Their best defense was the two-call system, where that second call from a phone booth was near enough to the woman’s apartment that she could check out the customer visually before allowing him to visit. Not only did the ad include a description, but there was a picture of the woman. Though the two-call system was still used, it was more of a heads-up for your arrival time, as she shared the space with other women, and they didn’t want clients to meet in the hall. It was like a scene from a movie: Around that time, I tried and Yahoo personals.Juliette was independent at this point, and we had the opportunity for some extended pillow talk after the act.I got to know her more as a person than any previous provider.

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