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Any travellers who require in-depth information about their eligibility to enter the Canada should consult with an immigration lawyer or phone the Canada Border Services Agency.

For more info regarding the process of applying for a waiver, or for frequently asked questions (FAQ) related to other admissibility questions keep reading this page or contact the CBSA.

If they want to be considered admissible again, an American with a DUI has two options.

(1) Canada Temporary Resident Permit: Temporary Solution.

Both of these are very complex legal procedures, and most people retain the services of an experienced Canadian immigration lawyer to help them navigate the process successfully.

To learn more about going to Canada with a drunk driving arrest or conviction, we encourage you to visit Canada DUIEntry which is the biggest online source of free info on the subject.

In general, any foreign national with a criminal record in the last 10 years may be deemed inadmissible to Canada and denied admittance.

Also called a Canada TRP, this allows someone to enter Canada for a limited amount of time provided they have a valid reason.

(2) Canada Criminal Rehabilitation: Permanent Solution. This allows someone to enter Canada continually but can't be applied for until 5 years after you complete all probation and other sentencing.

Canada is slowly relaxing their DUI entry rules, and according to the Canada Border Services Agency the number of Americans denied entry because of a criminal record has gone down drastically in recent years.

The CBSA reported that in 2005 there were 9000 US citizens denied entry or removed from Canada because of criminality, but only 4200 in 2013.

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