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I’ve known about him since I was about nine years old, but I can’t say that I know very much about his life.My mother didn’t talk much about him even though she lived in India for years.Friends have told Coe that Sardari was a charming and exuberant character who delighted in bucking the system.

They looked down on her for having married a ‘native’. An old friend of his, who was then the Delhi chief of police, has told Lord Coe that his grand-father would often drive his imported Cadillac the wrong way up a main street after a night out.

‘From what I gather he did no work and apparently very little studying.

I don’t know exactly where he met mother but they courted and then got married sometime about 1927.’Detailed information about the young couple’s life in London remains somewhat sketchy, but there is no doubting that their racial pairing would have made them an unusual sight in a country that was still monocultural. They probably had to cope with a lot of hostility and not long afterwards my father returned to India.

Entrepreneurs had opened clubs, restaurants and dance halls to cater for the new crazes: jazz and dancing.

But dark or brown faces were still a rare sight and a relationship across the racial divide was seen as absolutely socially unacceptable.

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