Power off while updating pc

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I have to hold the power button for 5 seconds for my laptop to turn off completely.Also, I used to put my laptop to sleep by closing the lid and then only the battery light would blink every 3 seconds. But now when I close my lid to put it to sleep, the laptop sleeps but the power light stays on and the battery light doesnt blink anymore. I have to shut it down by holding the power button down and then start it all over again. - Updated my Intel HD 3000 and my Nvidia GT 540M drivers but it still woudnt shut down fully.I researched and researched about this problem and found around 50 threads on Toms Hardware of people who had the same problems as me but none of the 50 got any helpful responses.I thought this place would help but I was wrong as no one has even bothered to help.

So for anyone facing the same issues, just get inside the bios and load the default settings to get the original boot order back. During the installation, I'd have to manually press the power button down to restart it when Windows installation wanted to restart.

I have had the laptop for over two years running the same windows but it had slowed down so I wanted a fresh install.

Anyway, everything went smooth and I installed the windows and all the drivers. When I shut down my laptop, everything shuts down including the screen, hard disk and stuff but the power light/indicator and the fan doesnt turn off.

I guess it should be the same for all Acer Laptop users.

I thought this forum would be helpful but it turned out to be useless.

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