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So, if you have version 1 of your stock trading application on-line and in use, you can then deploy version 2 into a staging mode, test it out with internal folks or a few eager customers, and then bring it online to replace version 1.You even get to choose how to bring down version 1 of the application: gracefully (meaning that clients currently using version 1 keep on using them indefinitely, until they disconnect and reconnect), graceful with a timeout, or immediate shutdown of the old version.Things are a bit more tricky for JMS consumers: since consumers are often stateful, the default behavior is to not automatically reconnect in case of failure.If you are sure that your consumer logic can tolerate reconnects gracefully, then you can write some code (or do some admin configuration) to enable consumer reconnects.BEA and Interface21 (providers of Spring) collaborated on a project called Pitchfork to deliver Java EE 5 bindings for Spring 2 in Web Logic 10; the EJB3 and web container implementations make use of Spring via Pitchfork to provide some of the new dependency injection and interceptor capabilities: This architecture also provides us with some opportunities down the road to expose Spring artifacts to Web Logic Server developers at a more integrated level.Meanwhile, our EJB 2 code paths remain virtually unchanged from Web Logic Server 9.2.This to provide strong isolation between different enterprise archives. So you can share the classes and still leverage the library version/packaging advantages. But the choice will always up to the developer.heavy load conditions.I suppose I mean thousands of users,hundreds of thousands of messages going around, etc.

Internally, this is implemented with the same facilities we use for service migration in general, including cluster-singleton service migration.Info Q spoke to BEA's Patrick Linksey to learn more about what's cool about Web Logic 10, including the Spring integration (discussed later in this article).Some of the key new things according to Patrick are: The primary focus of Web Logic Server 10 is Java EE 5.Ok, this is something that happens with all the three competitors.The way that libraries work in Web Logic Server, every EAR (or other top-level module) always gets its own copy of the classes in the library. What I say is that in other application server(s) in addition to this library-tied-to-application model you can deploy a library tied to the server.

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