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About the Exam: The actual learner’s exam consists of a multiple choice test and an eye test: Listen carefully to the instructions as you may only be required to answer sections pertinent to your vehicle class.Ask any questions to the examiner if you have them, there are always others that have the same questions.The massage parlours are located in respectable, upper-class residential areas such as Hurlingham, Westlands, Parklands, Spring Valley, Upper Hill, South C and even around State House.It is not possible that these establishments exist without the knowledge of authorities.As it turns out, many women who have succeeded in Kenya’s corporate sector find themselves single.Often, these women are willing to engage in relationships with younger men in exchange for providing cash and jobs.So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.The licence holder must report to the nearest authority within 21 days of noticing any disqualification.

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Sex trade is taking place right in the heart of the capital city.Its indeed ironical that hundreds of thousands of Nairobians walk past the premises with little knowledge of the actual activities within these panelled walls.Nairobi’s massage parlours have achieved international notoriety.One thing that must be understood is that young people in Kenya do not join dating websites so as to get their own age-mates for romance.Far from it, majority of youths joining dating websites want to hook up with elderly, rich white men from Europe and America.

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