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Your guests might get nervous, they might get choked up, there might be this pregnant pause, and you have to keep the show moving. SEE ALSO: FOX Is Test Driving A Talk Show Hosted By Boris Kodjoe And Nicole Ari Parker With the success of all-women talk shows like , as well as Rev Run and Tyrese’s relationship talk show coming to OWN, what kind of audience are you aiming for?Boris: When you’re talking about daytime, you’re talking about a female-skewed audience, so that’s whom we’re going to be talking to.Nicole Ari Parker: Well the great thing about this project, is that we love working together, we miss working together, and the timing is right to work together again, so it feels right. The time is right.’ That’s when we had a meeting with Fox and they seemed very excited about it, and here we are today.Nicole: People have approached us about reality television and behind the scenes in our home, but that never felt like “the right fit.” So it took a minute but we’re here and we’re happy.

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Nicole: It seems like we’re together a lot and a lot of people have this idea like, ‘Oh my god, you’re going to work together? Boris: Well, I just came from Africa, so I was gone for three months. I was doing all of the math homework by myself; I was parting the hair and making the ponytails by myself. I think that the image out there is that we’re always together, because as a family, we try to be there for our kids and for each other. And then she came back to bed and went to sleep again. Nicole: And then he was texting on the phone and we had a deadline and I was like, ‘We gotta go’ and he didn’t listen. ’ and I’m like, ‘I’m not yelling at you.’ You know, regular stuff! #10Year Anniversary Celebration #One&Only Palmilla #3days In Paradise #Now Back To The Kids #We Were Akwardly Happy Without Them #Parental Happiness Guilt #So What #We Deserved This Time #We Were Here First #We Will Take Them To Chuckie Cheese When We Get Home A photo posted by Boris Kodjoe (@theboriskodjoe) on What are the small things that you two celebrate? Boris: That’s one thing we have to remind ourselves to do, because life happens quickly and we have kids. You have to be able to just stop and cherish the moments. Boris: You got to force yourself to do it and it’s worth it. Nicole: Another thing that I want to tell all of the men out there about that whole, ‘My girlfriend texts me too much’ [situation]. ’ My husband, randomly at 2 o’clock, texted me, ‘How you doin’? They have to just take each other in and give each other a chance to exist together for a while. Be married, travel together, and enjoy your time together. Sometimes, it gets overwhelming with the kids, and all of the stuff we have to do with the different companies, and projects, but we were here first and we have to honor that.

We’ll have a great forum to talk about these things.

We’ll bring out very individual specific perspectives to the table; she’s the mother, the wife, I am the father, the husband… Boris: You can’t worry about stuff you can’t control. Nicole: This is going to be one for the books; it’s rare in a career that you get a new challenge.

“The only reason I’m nervous is because I’m sitting in the host’s chair now,” she admitted. Before the twosome debut their daytime talk show on July 6, take a peek into the couple’s charmed life below. Is it something you two always thought about doing together?

VIBE: How does it feel to go from a scripted television show/movie screen/ Broadway plays/business ventures and NOW back to TV but with your own talk show debuting on one of the biggest television networks? Boris: We sort of conceptualized this for radio five years ago but we couldn’t do it for scheduling reasons, and then last year, we talked about it again, and we figured, ‘Hey, why not do it for TV?

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