My best friend is dating my ex boyfriend

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Sure, we're a little envious, but we're not lying in bed at night wondering if we'll ever measure up to them. On the other side of that boiling envy is someone who is basically just like you.

Oh, like you didn't do this when you found out your ex-boyfriend was seeing someone new? I was jealous as hell, because she was a more natural blonde, she had bigger boobs, and she seemed to make Jacob the kind of happy boyfriend who goes apple picking, which I'd never accomplished in our eight years together.

And the internet, God bless it, is happy to answer those questions for us.

There is a reason we clear our search history and live in fear of the day when we confuse the Facebook search area with the status area. Jealousy is amazing because it allows us to build fantastical worlds based purely on our own imaginations.

Or personal details about the woman her current boyfriend used to get naked with.

You for sure have creeped on your ex's new lady's Instagram pics, and Britney Spears probably picks up to check on photos of Justin and Jessica and their baby.

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