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Matt has now revealed that he wasn’t being truthful about his job when auditioned, and only said he was a painter because he thought it sounded good. He told Digital Spy: ‘The painting and decorating story wasn’t entirely true.

But the illusion has well and truly been shattered.

I’ve been known to belt out a few Soft Cell tunes on Lips: I Love The 80s, so don’t be surprised to see me pick up the X Factor Microphone and become next year’s Wagner.

X FACTOR finalist Matt Cardle wiped away tears after performing an emotional home-coming gig in his local pub.

Steve Brookstein has not enjoyed the commercial success expected of X Factor winners Joe could soon find himself exchanging hard luck tales with a few other X Factor ‘winners’.

First series champion Steve Brookstein is now singing on the pub and club circuit, while Leon Jackson has done something of a disappearing act.

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