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Between just Free Agents and The Island, that is close to 0K alone.I'm surprised Jamie from the original NOLA isn't on there.I assume CT would of earned some money from the Team bank account at the end of the original Inferno and Inferno 2 plus he was runner-up in the original Battle of the Exes.Me too since she is still tied with Ev for most Challenges won by a female with 3.Favourites: Mark (I know he's a dick, but he's the fun kind of dick), Piggy, Neil, Antoine, Ryan, Isaac, Cohutta, Robb. Also love Leroy, Mike ( from Vegas 1) Especially Leroy and Mike together. Danny, Zach (its kind of love hate but hes easy on the eyes and has some good one liners- don't love his douchbagness or homophobia tho). Devyn- hilarious and has a good attitude, She owned her suckiness even tho is was kind of BS she got that far in free agents. So annoying Katelynn- totally rubs me the wrong way, doesnt bring much to the game physically Jonna- shes just someone who I want to slap and be like get your shit together. They are spirit animals Ill stop there haha I could go on for days... From what I understand, Ruthie was sick after the mission, with all sorts of nastiness coming out of her body.

Males: Darrell, Landon, CT, Derrick, Timmy, Dan S, Mark, Jamie, Alton, & Abram. I'll be up all night if I dive into my brain to pick up all the people I hate.

Then the Challenge is every man/woman for themselves. If you come in last or 2nd to last you go into the duel, you lose you go home. Hee I'd also want a combination of comps that test athleticism, agility, speed, strength, endurance, and critical thinking skills.

For the men: Mark Long, Mike Miz, Jamie (underrated, three impressive wins under his belt), Theo, Darrell, Alton, CT, Landon, Wes, Johnny B, Tyler, Evan, Kenny, Frank, and Zach. For the women: Emily Bailey, Susie, Ruthie (if we're talking in her prime), Hollywick, STFU Ellen, Rachel, Jodi, Evelyn, Sarah, Emily Scromm, Laurel, Cara Maria, Theresa, Camilla, and Cooke.

Realistic options for guys: Mark, CT, Derrick, Abram, Nehemiah...would Darrell or Alton even come back again? Beth: Don't care if it is an act she always says what i'm thinking.

Realistic options for girls: Aneesa, Robin, Tina, Rachel..would Ruthie, Coral or Kina ever come back? Ruthie: Loved her comeback storyline in Battle of the Sexes Leroy: Seems like a cool dude always supportive of his partners.

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