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I’ve already explained myself to death, on the topic, in previous entries, so I’ll skip that tirade here. Because I’ve just stumbled on a new low that’s got me ready to launch into a whole new one!

I recently traded notes with woman on Match, who had indicated her interest via one of the various passive aggressive means available on the site.

If you’re always telling your friends, “My life could be a sitcom,” this is the site for you.

I've done online dating before, and am currently trying it again.

Sometimes dating can be too serious: What should you wear? Bragging Rights: Stories that have to be shared Lead by Emily Macintosh, a 30-something single living in Los Angeles, My Life on Match and More explores the ups and downs of online dating. It’s easy to see why her readers trust and respect her. Social Clout: 3,748 followers, 333 likes URL: Bragging Rights: Laughing about life Single Girlie could easily cry about her single life, but instead she makes the best of it by sharing her experiences with readers like you.

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With clever articles and hilarious nicknames for her dates like “Hairy Mc Backsweat,” you can’t go wrong with this funny dating blog.

If you’re looking for a break from the maddening world of dating, then take a look at our 10 Best Funny Dating Blogs.

Macintosh shares her dating horror stories in a very real and entertaining way. Her cringe-worthy stories are normally accompanied with hilarious infographics and photos that help get her point across. She’s also a big fan of talking about penises, if that’s your thing too.

I can strike up a conversation with just about anyone.

But it hasn’t always been this way – I was super-shy as a kid.

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