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Nicer to be invited to join a conspiracy than to discover only after his death that your father had treasured your childish scribblings, that he’d added ‘tender little inscriptions and dates’, although he’d never ‘given …the impression that he cared’, and then to ask yourself how children can ‘understand that they are loved, unless it is shown to them plainly’.If you need more advice on whether to join a live group, call our hotline at 646-600-8100, Ext.2 If you feel you are an addict and are considering live SA meetings, Moishi from NY has an important message for you (8 min). For his story/message in Yiddish (his mother tongue) click here.It’s rare to see Hugh Grant on a chat show sofa but after his appearance on The Graham Norton Show, there will no doubt be more calls for it to happen as soon as possible.Sat beside Meryl Streep and Keeley Hawes, promoting his new film with the former, Florence Foster Jenkins, Hugh was an absolute legend There was one particular moment that did it – when Graham recalled an interview in which Hugh had rattled through a list of his leading ladies from previous films, admitting exactly what he thinks of them.

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Also, anonymity is a big inhibitor for people coming from the insular religious communities.

The dream he recorded in his diary in 1916 at the age of 53 is poignant because it made a travesty of his most deep-seated anxieties, as if in that moment – but only in that moment – it could neutralise their sting.

It’s nice to think of your father hiding himself away because he was playing with toys, and not because he was a manic depressive, as Arthur proved to be.

Edward, himself only 21, refused to risk even the slightest possibility of contamination: ‘My religious principle is not a thing of tender feelings, warm comforting notions, unproved prejudices,’ he warned, ‘but it consists of full and perfect conviction, absolute belief, rules to regulate my life, and tests by which I believe myself bound to try every question the greatest and the least …

Bigot, thus far, a conscientious Christian must be.’He was to be rewarded for his conscientious bigotry with years of unbroken success.

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