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Season 4, Episode 5October 30, 2007A mugging victim with amnesia apes people around him.

He also has a protein abnormality that's turning his blood to “sludge.” Meanwhile, Cuddy assigns her latest hire to be her “eyes and ears” on House's team, displeasing House considerably; and doctors around the hospital (candidates included) are betting on House's hiring decision. Season 4, Episode 8November 20, 2007While the job candidates try to diagnose a magician whose heart failed during an underwater-escape act, House is determined to prove that he's a scam artist who's faking to cover up his embarrassment over nearly drowning during his act.

House is abrasive socially, professionally, and personally; he usually refuses to take on a case unless something about it piques his interest and he's known to engage in bizarre (and not always legal) hobbies and pranks while working. The series is a medical version of a Police Procedural; every week a patient suffers unexplained, potentially deadly symptoms which worsen dramatically over the length of the episode.

However, he is such a genius in diagnosing patients that the Dean of Medicine, Dr. House begins by starting a brainstorming session with his crack team of doctors: Eric Foreman (no, not Eric Forman), Allison Cameron and Robert Chase.

They proceed to diagnose the disease incorrectly for the majority of the episode, subjecting the patient to a wide variety of tests that may or may not be ethically sound. House determines the actual problem in a Eureka Moment and reveals the diagnosis. I am a BOARD [read:bored]-certified diagnostician with a double specialty of infectious disease and nephrology. House, to Wilson:"Wait a second, this isn't just about the sex.

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But her injuries aren't what's killing her.

Although it could be Hugh Laurie's acting that means that fans are willing to forgive him of anything.

He has little patience for patients, but misanthropic Gregory House is a brilliant diagnostician who probes life-and-death medical mysteries while 'CSI'-style graphics follow each disease's progression.

Meanwhile, House sees his three former underlings in the hospital---or thinks he does.

Season 4, Episode 3October 9, 2007When a man in a wheelchair who fainted while crossing a street arrives at the hospital, House tells the 10 remaining candidates to divide themselves into teams.

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