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I sat up, not breaking our stare, pulled the camisole over my head and tossed it onto the floor. God I just love them.” She pushed me back on the bed and tugged off her towel.

My D cup breasts bounced forward, no longer restrained. It was my turn to reach out and fondle her little orbs of flesh.

Once the sauce was simmering, I turned to see if I could improve on my flowers. ” I rolled my eyes; Suzie was a little simple sometimes. It didn’t turn out quite like I expected.” I played around trying to make the display a little more balanced. I’m going to take a shower, I’m sweaty.” With that, she dumped her bag on the floor and went into her bedroom.

Her knee parted my thighs and she ground herself against my pussy, spurring me on as my body craved release from the ache that emanated from between my legs.

I caressed her back and shoulders before cupping her tight little ass with my hands.

I turned my head to make a comment just as Suzie rolled onto her side to face me. “Thank you.” She murmured and kissed me lightly on the lips. Surprisingly a tingle grew in intensity in my tummy. I returned the gaze, her bright blue pupils were large, and I lightly stroked her blond hair away from her forehead.

Her right hand slipped across my tummy and rested on my right breast, gauging my reaction.

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