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Ideally, I would like to get to know you 1st, on IM or over drinks.I have many pictures so if you are interested in one of the above, lets chat, I will tell u more:-)We have been married for 12 years with no children.they arent there to be meanies they are there to keep the peace and make chat as much fun as a possible without making people feel uncomfortable.I too agree with Dave it seems there has been a shift in the mindset of the way things seem to go in chat while I think there should be the opportunity for the normal day to day chat as well there is a time and a place for that as well but as long as the conversation doesn't get out of line and cross the lines into cybering or anything else that is against the rules maybe something needs to be re- evaluated or something needs to lighten up a little relax and realize we are all adults who should be able to have boundaries and stay within guidelines all the while being given the opporunity to express ourselves and our own personal interests wants desires in an opne and free environment like chat is supposed to be :) I still also however think B n P run one of the best sites there is !!! She checks out all the stores while i have a seat on a bench and check out some of the other good stuff that walks or juggles by. Down to earth couple, new at threesome activities is seeking a Bi or Bi curiuos female looking for sexual exploration of a threesome.I totally agree with each and everyone who has posted (thanks hogan for starting it) we all needs to work together to keep things in chat within the all have to agree to those rules before we enter the lobby but not everyone reads them as closely as they should when they are coming in for the first time or even those who have been here foe a while can get a little lax we can all have fun and stay within a boundary that is set in order to make it fun but relatively clean.We can all flirt and have fun and enjoy a good conversation without crossing lines and when the lines are crossed the rules need to be enforced and the Mods and assts need to know they have the support of those present to deal with the situation even if it gets to the point of having to kick the member temporarily. Ive met girls in the past through the phone chat lines but that got old.. I must say that we are not exactly Ken and Barbie, but rather along the lines of Barney and Betty (Flintstones).

My name is sabrina, im quite a seductive woman, Im bi-sexual, love both girls and boys, i dont want all these guys chat up lines saying 'do you want a 8" cock' basically i'll ingnore you : P My email adress; so add and get to know me! Hello ,we are a couple that wants to spice things up. We are a couple of almost three years and we have been trying to figure out how to find a second woman willing to do a threesome.

So if I sound interesting get at me so to see if we CLICK and possibly hook up.... We love each other and are not looking for replacements.

I would like to explore that part of me as well as having some fun in a threesome.

I live in OK and he lives in AR and he has had a threesome before and I haven't and would love the experience but we are looking for sincere and serious people no players or anyone who has gotten around.

Would love to hear from someone.jc1968, I remember the 1st night I took the "plunge"!

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