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Hi,could anybody tell me what did I wrong and why the oldvalues and newvalues collections of Details View Update Event Args in Item Updating method are containing the same collection of values even if I change them on the page in Details View form ? However, Command Arguments come from database to linkbutton. Hello, the Details View will renders as a table ,and its layout is not flexible enough , this is why the Form View Exists, its the same as Details View , but it has a flexible Layout , so the Form View is the b...

I assumed the new Values should be those I previously filled in into the textboxes before I catched the On Item Updating event :-(Any advise would be appreciated Hi,akosko: Would you plz post some relative code here for further discussing? Andwhen one of these command buttons is cliked it must go to proper page. How do the different data presentation controls equate in

The data is inserted appropriately and then I have the mode changed to Read Only(Item Template). When I click Edit the formview sends me to the Edit Item Template with all of the correct data in the fields, including the Drop Down List.I know there are many different posts out there referring to NULL dates and SQL but I don't have the option to return the Date Time. Client wants NULL in the field if the date is not filled in or removed from the UI. Value" helps, but here are some possible solutions: File/sd_patel/Enter Null Values For Date Time11222005015742AM/Enter Null Values For Date Thanks, Dim dt As Nullable(Of Date Time) ' validate end date Dim end Date ' check if the value is null or empty If Not String. Values("End Date")) Then ' not null or empty so parse out the string end Date = Date Time. Values("End Date")) End If ' check to see if the enddate is a date object If Not Type Of end Date Is Date Time Then ' not a date object so return a null date to the database e.Here is my Item Updating event for the formview: Well, must have been working too much lately. *** EDIT *** So after a bit more research, I found the above and still have a problem, I need to return a NULL value to the database (client requirement). You'll be able to ask any tech support questions, or chat with the community and help others.Trying to do some validation prior to updating the record in database.

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