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I do not sell my films elsewhere and therefore only at frolicme can you view my full collection. I boldly like to think of it as the sexiest online dedicated erotic site designed for women and couples.I wanted to bring the written word and the visual image together and create bold and exciting sexual imagery and creativity within an elegant, feminine style, as well as an interesting online erotic magazine with interesting features on all aspects of erotica with an array of submissions.My desire has been to create and produce elegant, tasteful and arousing films together with erotic stories, and an elegant erotic photography gallery that women and couples would find acceptable and pleasurable, together with my erotic blog or online magazine featuring stimulating articles, features and stories of an engaging sexual nature.I wanted to show much more focus on the pleasure of passion and hot-blooded well as a philosophical contemplation concerning the aesthetics of sexual desire, sensuality and romantic love.


I create and produce sexually charged scenes in beautiful surroundings; each of my erotic movies with their own individual style and flavour.It is thus that the transformation of the sexual impulse into erotic creativity can be considered a central factor in the process of human mental evolution.For Plato, Eros takes an almost transcendent manifestation when the subject seeks to go beyond itself and form a communion with the objectival other: "the true order of going..the things of love, is to use the beauties of earth as steps..all fair forms, and from fair forms to fair actions, and from fair actions to fair notions, until from fair notions he arrives at the notion of absolute beauty".And also a special sex art gallery as well as a section dedicated to the latest, biggest collection of sex toys all in one place.For me erotica is about the beauty of fantasy and engaging in people’s sexual fantasies for their own personal pleasure.

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