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This is precisely what we want to do when we run an app, we wrap the different components of our architecture in containers.

To install docker, you can type on your ec2 terminal the following commands : The last command is to make sure that docker is installed.

For me it looks like this : should have the same picture as this one.

Now you can chat with your friends or build a code on top of this “boilerplate”, manage or change the database, etc…Enjoy agility with an environment iso-staging where you can deploy in one command line.

Choose to create a new key pair, name your key pair web App, and download it, then view instance.

You get in touch with people from different walks of life.The next step is to try to connect to this instance.This step is for linux / mac users, if you have a windows, please follow this link.Create a directory called web App, and put the web in it (if you are a mac user, you may have downloaded a web txt, rename it web App.pem), navigate inside this directory using bash, then run : Congratulations, most of the dirty work is done by now !The aim is to be pretty simple, and help you set up your machine.

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