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It’s not just about women either—getting the respect of other men is important to us too, both in our personal and work life.

So too is getting the respect of I know that confidence should come from within, but that confidence also needs to come from real accomplishments.

Think about the effect that a curvy female hourglass physique has on you.

Combine the right bone structure with fat in the right places and muscle in the right places and bam—you get that instinctive response that turns your head and knocks the wind right out of you.

help of Vo IP technology you can make international phone calls but with lower costs than traditional phone system.

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To a certain extent we’re all unique snowflakes, sure, but when it comes to aesthetics, well, we aren’t.

Personal preference has its place, but a lot of it, in fact of it, is basic human nature with some social conditioning sprinkled on top. It’s instinctive, uncontrollable and often subconscious. We’re built to automatically respect men who display certain traits, and in a similar but different way some of our male traits can create gut-level attraction in women.

(study)The tricky part is that some of the traits we portray are obvious… Moreover, sometimes it’s those elusive traits that make or break us.

depend on how well they perform—they found that while most of them listed power and performance as their reasons behind wanting muscular bodies…

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