Dating people of different faiths

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“That makes the idea of sex so much more sacred.”Different views of gender roles can also complicate a relationship, Summer says.

Summer says she disagrees with her boyfriend’s belief that he is responsible for supporting her when she begins law school in the fall and he enters the work force.“I think it’s my financial responsibility,” she says.

“[Dating someone of a different faith] means you’re making them first before God,” he adds.

But Gillis says he realizes that, theology aside, the reality of interfaith dating is more complicated.“It’s all in the heart and the intentions,” he says. Skoda ’07, who is also Christian, disagrees that an interfaith relationship might strain a person’s relationship with God.

“[An interfaith relationship] might create more dialogue between you and God,” Skoda says.

She says that such a relationship would inspire questions such as “How is it that I see this and my boyfriend or girlfriend can’t or doesn’t want to see it at all?

Some students argue that the problems with interfaith dating are essentially the result of cultural differences. Mehta ’09 says he would prefer to date a fellow Hindu, but says that shared culture, more than shared faith, is what’s important to him.

That can be an irreconcilable problem at times,” she said after a forum on interfaith dating last month.

Though these concerns may seem distant now, Summer says that if she were to marry her current boyfriend, they would have to make a decision about how to raise their children.“The options are to raise our children as Jews, as Catholics or as atheists.

Madubata ’06, an Episcopalian.“Christians consider sex to be something more than some pleasurable act.

It’s an actual union between two people becoming one,” Madubata says.

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