Dating light cords

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They keep records of everything that happens in this realm: holidays, Sundays, months and years.

These accountants and treasurers of the kingdom are found in every city, town, or indigenous village .. they take the corn and put one here, three there, eight from another part; they move from a box and exchanged three other grains from one to another to finally get the result without error " Father ...

A is an abacus used to perform arithmetic operations dating back to the time of the Incas.

Several chroniclers of the Indies described, unfortunately approximately, the Incan abacus and its operation.

When their accounts had to do with things that have no color - such as grain and vegetables - they were classified by categories, and, in each category, by order of diminishing size.

According to their position, the knots signified units, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands and, exceptionally, hundred thousands, and they were all as well aligned on their different cords as the figures that an accountant sets down, column by column, in his ledger.

Indeed, those men, called , who were in charge of the quipus, were exactly that, imperial accountants.

All laws, ordinances, rites, and ceremonies throughout the Empire were recorded by these same means.

When my father's Indians came to town on Midsummer's Day to pay their tribute, they brought me the quipus; and the curacas asked my mother to take note of their stories, for they mistrusted the Spaniards, and feared that they would not understand them.

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