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Phineas notes that he was making an interesting sound with his guitar, but finds out it was actually the "Fail Wail" coming from Baljeet himself. Phineas: So every feeling you have makes you want to do math?

Phineas and Ferb then offer to teach him how to rock. Baljeet: I do not know if is so much cause and effect; I do a lot of math.

Coltrane walks up to him and tells him that there are no grades and the concert was just for fun.

Baljeet is immediately angered by this and feels the need to express his feelings through music to his like-minded peer group.

This is quickly proven wrong as Jeremy walks over, calling out nicknames to everyone except Candace. Perry escapes the giant playpen (by pouring water from his baby bottle into his diaper making the Nanny-inator change him) and chases him, causing the Bum-Bum-Inator to pop and shoot into the sky, taking Doofenshmirtz (who is wearing a device connected to it by a cable) with it. A pet name like Baby, Honey, Peg-Leg Pete, you name it! As the Baljeatles' performance ends, Candace trips and falls on Jeremy while dancing, accidentally giving herself a nickname. I always thought more like Jeremy and I were two wheels, and you were separate, on a unicycle, all doot doot doodle doodle oot... Meanwhile, Baljeet's band, The Baljeatles, go onstage. However, Baljeet stays behind the curtains since he doesn't know how to rock and is scared of getting a bad grade. Phineas: Well, that was an interesting sound you were getting out of your guitar.

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