Dating emotionally damaged woman

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If you’re feeling any of the above signs of emotional damage, stay away from these until you’re feeling well enough to handle it. Sometimes you’ll want to stick blame on someone for your pain. [Read: 13 happy things you need for a perfectly happy life] Being emotionally damaged is NOT a bad thing.And while it may be their fault, blaming them for so long will only prolong the damage and make it harder to heal. It just means you’ve been through a little more than other people in your life and can still come out strong.No matter where the pain came from, the fact it was there for so long will leave an imprint. Other people can see the problems more than you can.If your friends are telling you that you have problems when it comes to getting close to people or in social situations, chances are that you really do. Depression can sometimes be genetic, but it can also be caused by other issues in your life. The great thing about being a human is we crave other human interaction.If you’ve never been depressed before and are suddenly feeling that way, it’s a sign of emotional damage. If you’re feeling like you don’t need anybody or that you’re better off not being involved with anyone for your own good, it’s a subtle sign of being emotionally damaged.[Read: Abandonment issues and how it affects your relationships] #12 You’ve abused substances.While everyone has something that keeps them from living their life exactly the way they want, some of us might have a harder time than others.

#6 Anxiety is often present when meeting new people.Letting out those feelings and some of the pain by talking to someone you trust is a good way to start moving beyond your heartache. When someone is emotionally damaged, it can seem like they’re the only person going through that pain.The truth is many people have problems with certain aspects of their emotions, and you’re not the only one feeling the pain. #4 Try to keep the past where it should be—in the past.If meeting new people—whether they would be just friends, acquaintances, or a potential lover—puts you in full-on panic mode, you can tell.You just don’t know if you can go through with meeting new people and risk being put through any kind of pain again. Chances are if you’ve had a traumatic breakup of any kind ever, you’re going to be emotionally damaged.

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