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Pan-Turkic Uyghur activist, Masud Sabri (1886–1952), viewed the Hui people as Muslim Han Chinese and separate from his own people, noting that with the exception of religion, their customs and language were identical to those of the Han.

In the 1930s the Communist Party defined the term Hui to indicate only Sinophone Muslims.

Jews and Muslims in China shared the same name for synagogue and mosque, which were both called Qingzhen si "Temple of Purity and Truth" from the thirteenth century.

Synagogues and mosques were also known as Libai Si (temple of worship).

As an influx of foreigners, such as Persians, Jews and Christians, most but not all of them were Muslims who came from western regions, they were labelled as Semu people, but were also mistaken by Chinese as Uyghur, due to them coming from the west (uyghur lands).

so the name "Hui Hui" was applied to them, and eventually became the name applied to Muslims.

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