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This entitled it to be represented by its own elected member in the House of Assembly.

Henry Jones, the village postmaster, was elected in October 1830 to the 11th Parliament of the Province.

Many Loyalists chose to flee north to the British colony of Quebec. Loyalist to take up land, where Brockville is now located, was William Buell Sr.

Great Britain opened the western region of Canada (first known as Upper Canada and now Ontario), purchasing land from First Nations to allocate to the mostly English-speaking Loyalists in compensation for their losses, and helping them with some supplies as they founded new settlements. Lawrence River' was named by French explorers in the 18th century to honour the martyred Roman Christian, Saint Laurentis. (1751–1832), an ensign disbanded from the King's Rangers, from the state of New York.

By 1846, the population was 2,111, and there were many buildings made of stone and brick.On October 13, 1812, he was fatally wounded while leading troops up the heights near the village of Queenston, then temporarily held by American militia.A raid on Elizabethtown occurred on the early morning of February 7, 1813, when Benjamin Forsyth and 200 of his American forces crossed the frozen St.The first elections for the new Board of Police were held on April 2, 1832, when four male citizens were elected to the Police Board.These four, in turn, chose a fifth member, Daniel Jones, who became the first Police Board President (or Mayor) of Brockville.

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