Dating a missionary

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Many women find that having orgasms before intercourse makes orgasms during intercourse much more likely.

Follow this simple strategy to make missionary position sex way more pleasurable for both partners.

Simply reach down while he penetrates you and stimulate your clitoris.

If he protests, explain that touching yourself while he is inside you is a major turn-on.

Get feisty and experiment with being a little rough.

Set clear boundaries about what will and will not happen, and then try to surrender and let him have his way with you! Without the ability to move your arms or see what is happening, every tiny touch will feel intense and you’ll soon be suspended in erotic sensation.7.You can also explore slipping a tiny vibrator in between your bodies!There are even new vibrators designed to be worn during intercourse, such as the IDA by Lelo.Get Rough He's not the only one who can be a little rough during missionary position sex!Just because you are on your back doesn't mean you have to be passive.

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