Cursor for updating records

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You can’t update a read-only recordset or data source.

To determine whether your recordset is updatable option to open updatable recordsets.

A recordset opened this way allows only the addition of new records with Add New. You can test whether a recordset is open only for appending by calling the member function.

Can Append returns a nonzero value if the recordset is either fully updatable or open only for appending.

In some cases, the framework can use only the columns selected in your recordset to identify which record in your table to update.Without all the necessary columns, multiple records may be updated in the table, possibly damaging the referential integrity of the table.In this case, the framework will throw exceptions when you call Update. Can Append( ) ) return FALSE; // no field values were set rs Student.Note This article applies to objects derived from CRecordset in which bulk row fetching has not been implemented.If you are using bulk row fetching, see the article Recordset: Fetching Records in Bulk (ODBC).

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