Consolidating fire departments

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Annapolis and Anne Arundel cooperate on public works projects, and a planned county booking center was designed to include city police arrests.

The fire department merger suggested some of the largest cost savings.

"The county executive and the mayor have always been clear; we need to keep the identities strong."Maj.

Scott Baker is awaiting confirmation as the next Annapolis police chief.

City and county officials said they are looking for partnerships rather than consolidation.

(Joshua Mc Kerrow / Capital Gazette)The city and county could shave staff by joining the departments and closely examining responsibility overlap.

The city, county and Naval Academy already have partnerships with the mutual aid program.

Optimizing public transit was another recommendation. The students argued reducing the number of available buses, limiting overlapping routes and increasing each route's distance would save money.

The report recommends consolidating transit, parks and recreation, public works, fire and police departments.The recommendation includes merging with the Naval Academy Fire Department, which is a federal entity.These resources could be dispersed through other departments that would allow a station to be shut down.A merger of fire services suggested some of the largest cost savings, and included tje Naval Academy Fire Department.Resources at that federal entity could be dispersed through other departments that would allow one Annapolis area station to be shut down, an idea students projected could save an estimated million and an additional 0,000 if the organizations share equipment.

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