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"Everyday there are raids of alt-right people," Seven, an admin of a popular server for the discussion of Islam, told Gizmodo.

The server focuses mainly on the discussion of scripture as well as news in the Muslim world, and has rooms in six different languages.

All of them had experienced multiple raids -- some on a daily basis -- and most saw the behaviour as increasing in frequency and severity.

With only one "customer experience" staffer for every five million users, these admins have developed their own countermeasures.

"Many of the largest Reddits use it," Discord CEO Jason Citron told Gizmodo in an email.

"These bigger communities may appear to be a large part of Discord, [but] only a very small number of people actually participate in them relative to the entire Discord population." We'll have to trust Citron that the lion's share of users are on Discord for its intended purpose -- chatting while gaming -- but the number who aren't is certainly growing: Of the estimated 12,000 servers, three of the biggest are directly associated with a subreddit, according to unofficial index discordservers.

"When [trolls] join, most immediately begin spamming offensive images and slurs," he said.

Two hundred users have been banned from Christcord, a server with only 300 regular users. Even Gaymers, which has less than 100 members, is hit around once a week according to Seneth, the server's admin.

We spoke with 12 current admins and moderators of a variety of servers over Discord or email.

Their servers ranged from a few dozen users to over 1000, organised around topics ranging from religion and language learning to sexuality and politics.

Though Seven and his co-admin Iskandar have managed to attract a stable base of over 1000 users, 1288 others have been banned for abuse.

"The discord server feels like a besieged city," Seven said in a private Discord message.

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