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It is often logical, suspicious and responsibility-bound, according to author Donna Eden. Here you can remember that you are powerful and worthy of creating whatever relationship you most want.

Here you can know you are worthy of great respect and maintain your sense of self, boundaries and self-esteem in a love relationship.

It can be easier to focus on someone’s voice and a storyline than to sit in complete silence, left to our own devices!

So, today I will provide a written meditation to guide you through your chakras, to help you relax, clear and center your energy before a date. Chakras are wheels of energy in your body that are like data banks that record specific types of energy.

It is our heart and emotions that carries our electromagnetic energy, according to author Carolyn Myss, and we need our heart center engaged to create anything. Imagine what you can share with a great partner and how much you’d both give to enrich each other and the world. Now breathe out any muddy colors in your heart chakra like past pain, fear of being open to love, of being known and fear of risking connection again.

You must engage your heart chakra to create love in your life. Resolve to open your heart and breathe in the clear green light of love now.

This center can guide you towards who is right for you. Here we can remember that we are all One, so even if someone isn’t going to be your spouse, be kind and realize we are all from one source.

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You can speak your truth so all you speak is loving wisdom and kindness.Breathe in the violet energy to receive divine wisdom.As you breathe out, release any blocks to this chakra so that you’re connected to God and your higher self and to all others.Each chakra is associated with a certain color, function and aspect of consciousness.Picturing these seven energy centers of yours will guide you to release any toxic beliefs and feelings about dating and yourself in each energy center, so that you feel centered, peaceful and positive before going out on your date.

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