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Your recommended bra size is a great starting point to finding bras that will fit you perfectly.

The best size for you may vary based on the bra brand, style or other factors.

If you get an odd number, round up to the next even number.

This is the first step in figuring out your cup size.

Factors like the bra you are wearing while measuring and the firmness of your breast tissue can effect your measurements.

Subjected to gravity, a lifetime of exercise and fluctuations in both hormones and body weight, women's breasts change with age.The two teacup "balconies" lift and support the bottoms, pushing the tops up for a more rounded look.If you're a larger size — a D cup or above, say — or you're simply after that smooth-and-sculpted look, opt for a contour bra (sometimes called a molded bra or a T-shirt bra).This increases side-boob spillage and makes your rack droop, creating an unflattering swag across your chest like a rope bridge over a canyon. In a bra, your fullest bustline should be halfway between your elbow and your shoulder.An underwire bra with tilted or sling-shaped cups that dip to a low V above a triangle-shaped inset will bring your breasts front and center. If your breasts are small to medium and your chest is not too sun-damaged, try a sexy, French-looking lacy underwire balconette bra with wide-set straps.

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