Body language secrets a guide during courtship dating paperback

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I also remember her walking on the servant/valet's back that had given him severe pain for years and fixing it. I think the age difference was about 12-15 years between h/h. It sounds like a good read, though, so I'll be watching this thread to see what you find out. The hero (who is a knight of some sort) and the heroine travel across country with her brother and some other people as a group.

I have posted about this book on several sites and am pretty sure this is NOT a Jane Feather book. They're going to save some girl I think maybe, who turns out to be blind (?

The older ones are better in every way, worse in none. For each year past 21 her problem is reduced by twenty five percent.

Double the general disarray of this 20 year old’s life for a 19 year old. A 23 year old living away from home has eliminated two thirds of the 20 year old’s ...

Classic bodice-rippers all three, but I thought they were wonderful at the time and reread them at least once, maybe twice. During the ceremony she slips away to the bridal chambers to make sure every thing is everything where she is kidnapped by Max and his cronies.

Max, a nobleman, has been stripped of his title/inheritance by the king (I think he was accused of treason) so he comes to spirit away the cousin---the love of his life--before she consumates her marriage to this other nobleman who isn't accused of treason--and mistakenly gets Elyse/Elysa instead.

I do remember that there's a bar brawl scene at one point.Fosythe suddenly shows up at the courthouse and convinces the judge to release Stevie under his care.The judge agrees and Fosythe takes the secretary and Stevie to his house.Sorry so vague, but it's been a long time since I read it.I remember really liking it though and I'd like to re-read it and maybe see if the author has written anything else.

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