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Also appearing: Mary Charlotte Wilcox, Ron James, Debra Mc Grath Guy introduces SCTV Channel, a new pay tv network.Guy Caballero - Flaherty; announcer - staff announcer Johnny Carson better watch out, because there's a new late night talk show coming.The promos feature a mystery: Dialing for Dollars hosted by Earl Camembert and The Sammy Maudlin Show: Just for Kids are featured in two promos, but the clips are too short and disjointed to make any sense as sketches themselves.However, if there were longer versions, they must have been dropped, as they are featured nowhere else. In June, Martin Short announced he was jumping to Saturday Night Live, though Executive Producer Andrew Alexander waited until Tuesday July 3 to make it official: SCTV had wrapped for good.Candy and Levy would return to the Shmenges a year later in The Last Polka.The Sammy Maudlin Show returns with aggressive promotion, an updated look, and a new hip 80s attitude, while Troy Soren, last seen running for the board of education in the municipal election, teams up with Joel Weiss to tackle the big issues of the day.Announcer - staff announcer Yosh and Stan salute new wave music. Yolanda De Villbis - Martin; Captain O'Malley - Flaherty; Idella Voudry - Wilcox Maudlin's show's got a hot new set and he comes out flying with a song and dance and a fresh new look.

Announcer - staff announcer In the first of three episodes to feature guest Dave Thomas, he appears in no less than five sketches as Mel Mc Elroy, star of Australian stage and screen.

This episode also features a trio of Aussie films, Mad Max, The Road Warrior, and Breaker Morant; also An Officer and a Gentleman.

Hollywood Dirt Tonight is a parody of long-running entertainment industry newsmagazine Entertainment Tonight; features 'Ink a Dink a Do' by Jimmy Durante and 'Passion' by Rod Stewart.

Steve Roman - Candy; Liz Torrence as Jackie - Martin; G-Men - Roger Dunn, extras Soren and Weiss start by discussing Central America. They move on to the Soviets - Troy gives them a 3, Joel a 2.

The Royal Family get a positive review - Joel gives them a 9, Troy a 10. Stan Shmenge - Levy; Yosh Shmenge - Candy; New Wave Chick - extra; New Wave Kids - extras; punk people - extras Stan and Yosh talk to some people in the audience. Stan Shmenge - Levy; Yosh Shmenge - Candy; Audience - extras; Happy Wanderers band - extras Maudlin's gonna knock Johnny off the air for good.

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