Are aj rafael and cathy nguyen dating

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But so far, this girl have caught my attention and I almost kicked Ryan when he told me he will use the PC and I had to stop watching for awhile. Today was insane, it started with me not falling asleep til 6am then waking up at am to start prepping for what turned out to be an epic day.That really is the least I can do for everything you’ve done for me whether you know it or not.

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From Timothy Delaghetto to Cathy Nguyen to Jesse Barrera we grabbed as many people as we could. But I can honestly say, she is more than just a sister or my mom’s favorite daughter, she really is the life and spark in our otherwise not so crazy family.

One of these people was Tori Kelly, a former contestant of American Idol 2010 I believe. She really makes all of us laugh, she eats that portion of food meant for one other person whenever we go out to eat, she really is the one who inspires me to do more.

We were interviewing her and what she said (as superficial as it may be…) encouraged me. Mind you, I’ve never had professional training and use my fingers most of the time to get whatever look acheived, but she complimented it. Because, up until now, my family was kind of iffy about how I presented myself to the public and more recently have been less, for lack of a better word, “ashamed” of how I dresesd but the fact that someone acknowledged my effort worth the work that I put into trying to learn and trying to do it correctly. So although she probably won’t read this blog, I just want to tell her I love her and HWAITING!!

and performance/atmosphere photos by John Salangsang @johnphotography

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