Android mail app not updating

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As a result, you may not be able to push MDM policies, deploy apps, or carry out security actions, such as lock or wipe, on i OS 11 devices.

On user devices, the following issues may occur: Apps keep trying to install; VPN or Wi Fi configurations fail to install; and security actions, such as Lock happen repeatedly.

Instead, users might be prompted twice to authenticate using a Citrix PIN or passcode before being prompted to authenticate using fingerprint authentication.

[CXM-31213] On Android, users cannot see the upgrade progress bar when updating enterprise apps through Secure Hub without signing off then signing back on. [CXM-30877] On Android, when a user enables personal calendar overlay and opens an event from Month view, upon closing the event, random events are highlighted.

The lockout can occur when the user authenticates on Secure Mail with the new password without first authenticating on Secure Hub with the new password.

To prevent this, advise users to close and relaunch Secure Hub after changing their AD password, so that Secure Hub prompts them to enter a password.

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One other manager responded to a request for feedback saying they had trouble forwarding from the same phone model last night though in her case it seems to be working now and may have been a coincidence.

Once it disappears, nothing further happens (message isn't sent and if I use the back button I'm asked to cancel, save, or discard)I've tried a few things including the following: Soft reboot Tested using Wi Fi vs. Other message types forward fine (text forwarding, photo sharing, etc)Note: after forward/reply is pressed, the keyboard pops up but there is flicker - not sure if this is related.

Cellular Data Deleted and reconnected his account on the client side. It doesn't happen or happens to fast to see when forwarding texts.

Secure Mail 10.6.15 On Secure Mail for i OS with multiple accounts, tapping the email triage action Move to from a secondary account displays the folders of the primary account. [CXM-35911] Secure Hub 10.5.20 On Android, if a device is enrolled in Xen Mobile Essentials and gets wiped, they can reenroll without supplying their Azure Active Directory credentials again.

[CXM-29653] On Android devices, after a selective wipe, Secure Hub should revert to the first time user screen. [CXM-29660] After upgrading, Secure Hub might fail to prompt users to sign in using fingerprint authentication when expected.

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