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When the Athenians worshiped Erechtheus on the Acropolis, they invoked him as Poseidon Erechtheus.Fate, or destiny, plays a massive role in the stories of classical heroes.Hector was known not only for his courage but also for his noble and courtly nature.Indeed, Homer places Hector as peace-loving, thoughtful as well as bold, a good son, husband and father, and without darker motives.Partridge concludes, "The basic sense of both Hera and hero would therefore be 'protector'." The word 'hero' is used in English to refer either explicitly to male heroes or as a gender-neutral form (whereas the term heroine designates only a female hero).The use of 'hero' as a gender-neutral substantive has been current from at least the beginning of the 21st Century.

For example, Achilles's character-issues of hateful rage lead to merciless slaughter and his overwhelming pride lead to him only joining the Trojan War because he didn't want his soldiers to win all of the glory.Classical heroes are commonly semi-divine and extraordinarily gifted, like Achilles, evolving into heroic characters through their perilous circumstances.The appearance of these mortal figures marks a revolution of audiences and writers turning away from immortal gods to mortal mankind, whose heroic moments of glory survive in the memory of their descendants, extending their legacy.It is the main or revered character in heroic epic poetry celebrated through ancient legends of a people, often striving for military conquest and living by a continually flawed personal honor code.Examples of heroes range from mythological figures, such as Gilgamesh, Achilles and Iphigenia, to historical figures, such as Joan of Arc, modern heroes like Alvin York, Audie Murphy and Chuck Yeager, and fictional superheroes, including Superman and Batman.

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