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Theo proves he is a true gentleman when he remembers to put some spit on it before impaling Wendy's hungry pussy on his giant cock that’s threatening to rip her in half.

What’s more, he’s good with the camera and knows how to stay out of the way. It's Valentine's Day but instead of spending today with her boyfriend, 18 year old super cute Devon decided to do her very first boy-girl porn scene.

Kissing each other passionately as they undress each other, Madelaine places her vulva on top of Luciana's face, while she devotedly licks her clitoris while Madelaine moans in pleasure.

Laying down on the floor Madelaine grabs Luciana's foot and presses it firmly against her pussy.

As a movie plays in the background, Elena sucks Martin's dick, then backs her ass up on his thick rod.

When it starts growing and turns into a huge hard log, she is ecstatic.Once again the best shots have her knees up and together with her round ass bulging in the foreground to fill the screen.It’s doubtful that there is any real orgasm in this.With Scyley gone, the pervy Landlord rummages through her belongings, finding a pair of panties that smell like her tight pussy!Jerking his cock, the landlord accidentally falls asleep in Scyley's bed, and she wakes him to find him wearing her underwear.

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